Janmashtami special Dhaniya Panjiri recipe

Janmashtami special Dhaniya Panjiri recipe –

Today I am sharing very tasty and healthy recipe Panjiri, which is made from coriander seeds powder. It is very easy and quick recipe. Janmashtami special Dhaniya Panjiri recipe served as Prasad on the holy festival of Lord Krishna Birth day. It is also consumed by ladies just after delivery because it is very healthy. It helps to boost immune system.
It is mainly served on Krishna Janmashtami in north India. Panjirir Prasad plays a significant role in the prayers during Janmashtami puja. Of all the prasads prepared during this pious day, Dhaniya Panjiri is considered to be one of the most important prasads. Dhaniya Panjiri recipe for Krishna Janmashtami is prepared using Coriander powder, Dry fruit, Ghee, and cheeni or mishree. Check below the recipe of Dhaniya Panjiri-

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  1. Coriander seeds- 100 gm (2 bowl) or coriander powder
  2. Sugar- ½ bow
  3. Purified butter- 3 tbsp
  4. Almonds- 15
  5. Cashew- 15

Recipe –

  1. Grind coriander seeds in mixer to fine powder form.
  2. Take a pan, heat it and add purified butter.
  3. Add chopped dry fruits, fry 2 minutes in medium to low flame.
  4. Add coriander powder and fry 3-4 minutes.
  5. Switch off the flame and let it cool.
  6. Now grind sugar in to fine powder.
  7. Add sugar powder in coriander mixture and mix it well.
  8. Decorate it with chopped dry fruits.
  9. Panjiri is ready.




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