Dal Dhokli Recipe

Dal Dhokli Recipe is very popular and traditional dish of Rajasthan. It tastes very delicious while served with chopped onion, lemon juice and little butter. Dal Dhokli ingredients and making process is shown in the video in very easy way. The preparation of Dal Dhokli in the video is quite difference with regular Dal Dhokli to increase its taste. However it contains good amount of Dal which is rich source of protein, its very healthy.

Dal Dhokli Recipe Step by Step –

1. Soak mung dal for one hour.
2. Add gram flour, salt, red chilli powder, fennel seeds, turmeric powder, soda, oil and prepare a soft dough.
make small ball sized dhokli.
3.boil dhokli n dal .
4. Fry dal and dhokli.
5. Heat oil fry onion,tomato add spices- red chili powder, turmeric powder, salt,coriander powder.
6 add some water and mix it well.
boil for 5 minutes and supar tasty dal_dhokli is ready to serve.

Recipe Video-

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