Dhaniya Paak Recipe

Coriander instant sweet is the healthy and delicious sweet recipe. It is very nutritious so it is given to new mother after delivery for fast recovery. Coriander sweet is also consume by all people in summer to keep body fit and healthy in season. You can also eat it in any fast like Navratri, Shivratri, Janmashtami etc. It can be offer to god for Prasad.

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  1. Coriander powder- 250 gram
  2. Milk-
  3. Sugar-
  4. Almonds-
  5. Cashew-
  6. Desiccated coconut-
  7. Clarified butter


  1. Heat pan and add clarified butter in it.
  2. Add chopped dry fruits and fry 2 minutes on low flame.
  3. Add coriander powder and roast it till 7 minutes on low flame or roast till it slightly changes its color.
  4. Add milk and mix it well.
  5. Cook it for 2 minutes and add desiccated coconut and mix it well.
  6. Cook another 2 minutes and then switch off the flame.
  7. Keep it aside to cool don not cool completley.
  8. Grind sugar into fine powder.
  9. Add sugar and then mix it well.
  10. Add this prepared mixture into greased plate and set it.
  11. Add chopped dry fruits for decoration.
  12. When it cooled down completely cut pieces with warm knife.
  13. Dhaniya pak/ coriander sweet is now ready enjoy.


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